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You can always rely on BMW Service to deliver:

  • - Passionate commitment and outstanding precision
  • - Complete reliability and genuine perfectionism
  • - Wealth of experience and excellent qualifications
  • - Best possible fit through the use of BMW Genuine Parts
  • - Value for money.

With Conditional Based Servicing a BMW monitors its own needs for you

The Conditional Based Servicing system constantly monitors the state of important wearing parts and service fluids. The system informs you via the Info Display when you will next require a service. You can check when your BMW is due for its next service at any time by using the Control Display. When you arrive at a BMW Service Authorised Workshop, the Service Advisor uses the Key Reader to instantly access all important data about your car from the vehicle's key. This data provides an accurate assessment of all key wearing parts, supplies up-to-the-minute information about the car's status and gives the Service advisor more time to focus on your individual needs. Key reader technology is only available in a BMW Service Authorised Workshop.

Getting your car serviced in a BMW authorised workshop is the surest way to protect your BMW's performance and value. A full BMW service history will help you achieve a stronger resale value when you want to change your current vehicle, compared to a similar car without that coveted service history. The BMW Customer promise and its 10 commitments means the attention you receive from your BMW Authorised workshop results in outstanding customer service.

Highly trained technicians work on your car using specialist equipment

BMW Technicians are specially trained by BMW Group. They use specialist equipment to diagnose, service and repair your car. No other service provider has the technology available to interrogate all of the systems in your car. Experienced BMW Technicians know every last detail of every car in the range. This expertise enhances their ability to diagnose, service and repair your car. All work carried out in a BMW Service Authorised Workshop is in accordance with BMW service schedules and warranty conditions. This way of working, this level of expertise and this type of equipment is only available in BMW Service Authorised Workshops.

Using the correct oil is critical to the performance and economy of the engine. 1% fuel saving can be achieved by using BMW approved oil.

Lubricants are now an important part of the design process for a BMW engine. BMW's long oil service intervals test the oil's ability to maintain performance. In addition, many engines rev to high levels which means mean that the oil used must have strong anti-wear properties. The Castrol 0W-30 lubricant offers a 1% fuel saving due to its low friction qualities. It also reduces emissions, prolongs catalyst and diesel particulate filter life and increases wear protection. This is the oil that is in the car when it leaves the factory. In short it helps to deliver the Efficient Dynamics package in full. BMW Service Authorised Workshops only use oils that meet BMW requirements thereby ensuring extended service intervals and the continued benefits of BMW Efficient Dynamics

BMW Genuine Oil Filters extend the service interval on your BMW

These environmentally friendly BMW oil filters are made more corrosion-resistant, and thus more durable, by being specially impregnated with phenolic resin after production. This means the filter will last the full service interval of up to 30,000KM, so there's longer periods between oil services. This saves you money on service and maintenance costs. BMW Service Authorised Workshops only use BMW Genuine Oil Filters.

A BMW Genuine Microfilter has a 200,000 square metre filter surface area

BMW Genuine Microfilters are integrated as standard equipment in the fresh air intake area of the air conditioning system. The smallest particles and pollutants are absorbed by the filter. The benefits of this can be seen when driving in heavy city traffic, tunnels or in traffic jams where high concentrations of dust and pollutants can become unpleasantly noticeable.

A BMW Genuine microfilter is matched to the ventilation system so that filter performance and air quality remain unaffected for as long as possible with low noise operation.

BMW Service Authorised Workshops only use BMW Genuine Microfilters.

All work completed for you is clearly identified and costed separately for maximum transparency

BMW Service Authorised Workshops only charge for the time that BMW Group allow for a particular task, and not the time that the Technician spent on the task. This approach differs from many other service facilities who charge on a time incurred basis.

A BMW Service invoice is clearly broken down by individual item of work so that the customer can identify what different items of work were completed, what parts were used for each items and what was the cost of each item.

Only BMW Service Authorised Workshops use this clear invoicing system.

BMW Genuine Wiper Blades clear an area the size of 52 football pitches in their service lifetime

800 km in six months is the average distance a wiper blade travels over the windscreen. Below freezing temperatures in winter make the wiper blade rubber hard. In the summer, high temperatures cause leaching. On top of this, soot, exhaust gases, insects, salt and oil are deposited daily on the wiper lip.

Genuine BMW Wiper Blades cope with these tough daily requirements through their complex design, compound mixture and a 45 degree angle to ensure optimum cleaning efficiency. :

Wiper blades actively contribute to vehicle safety. They must perform perfectly in every situation and must be optimally matched to the aerodynamics of each BMW. Genuine BMW Wiper Blades fulfil all these requirements. The quality of Genuine BMW Wiper Blades is monitored and guaranteed in comprehensive tests.

Only BMW Service Authorised Workshops use BMW Genuine Wiper Blades.

BMW Genuine Brake Pads are engineered for maximum effectiveness without compromising fuel efficiency

BMW Brake Pads are matched precisely to the geometric Brake Disc form of their respective models. This minimises brake disc "warping", in turn preventing brake disc wear. So the car stops when its told to stop and fuel consumption is reduced.

High temperatures created during braking demands optimal ventilation of the brakes (e.g. through aerodynamic front spoiler design, the ventilation ducts or the wheel rims). Genuine BMW Brakes are matched to the respective model-specific aerodynamics as well as with other model-dependent factors such as the ABS, body, chassis and the engine variant.

Brakes are the most important safety component of the vehicle and for this reason must satisfy extremely high requirements – legal guidelines as well as BMW quality requirements. This includes the most rigorous on-road tests and computer simulations and regular checks of all elements and data for deviations – even once series production has started.

BMW Service Authorised Workshops only fit BMW Genuine Brake Pads and Discs for your safety.

BMW Genuine Spark Plug spark first time, every time

BMW Genuine Spark Plugs are manufactured to contain multiple ground electrodes which prevent spark erosion happening on ignition. That means that the life of the spark plug is extended, and we know it will spark first time, every time for 100,000 km.

Spark plugs are one of the vitally important components of a vehicle with a petrol engine. They determine optimal performance and reliable functioning of the engine. To guarantee this, Genuine BMW Spark Plugs are subject to the strictest quality requirements.

BMW Service Authorised Workshops only fit BMW Genuine Spark Plugs.

BMW Approved Tyres can save you up to 5% on your fuel costs

Not all tyres that fit a BMW are fit for a BMW. Our engineers work with the world’s leading tyre manufacturers to develop a unique specification to suit each model’s performance and handling characteristics.

Only tyres that carry the STAR rating are approved by BMW Group. These tyres offer a 5% fuel saving over non approved tyres due to their lower rolling resistence.

If the car’s tyres are experiencing premature or uneven wear, the wheel alignment should be checked. Tiny changes in the wheel alignment which may not be felt via the car’s steering can cause uneven wear and effect the car’s handling characteristics, compromising safety and reducing tyre life.

Only BMW Service Authorised Workshops have the technology to most accurately check your alignment and BMW Service Authorised Workshops only supply BMW Approved tyres

For 3 Series (E46), 5 Series (E39), (E60) and X5 (E53) models, BMW Value Service represents excellent value for money.

The Value Service programme provides an all inclusive price (labour, parts, oil and VAT) for specific service items on E53, E46, E39 and E60 models.

These prices represent excellent value for money with all of the benefits of dealing with a BMW Service Authorised Workshop.

BMW Value Service is only available from BMW Service Authorised Workshops.

With BMW Fast Lane, you will be back on the road in 90 minutes

With Fast Lane Service, you won't need either Collection and Delivery or a Loan Car. That means they can avail of an earlier appointment and be back on the road sooner.

The Fast Lane Service enables a wide range of maintenance and service tasks to be completed faster than ever.

Appointments can be made at short notice which provides greater flexibility. There is no need for loan cars or return trips. While the car is being serviced, the only thing you have to do is relax in the lounge, enjoying complimentary internet access or examine the latest BMW models or accessories.

BMW Fast Lane is only available in selected BMW Service Authorised Workshops.

BMW service costs can be covered by an inflation-proof, once-off, advance payment

BMW Service Inclusive covers the costs (labour, parts, oil and VAT) associated with a defined list of service items. Two different levels of cover are available with prices from €350.

BMW Service Inclusive is transferable to a subsequent owner, should you decide to sell your car within the the 5 year / 100,000 km period.

(*) BMW Service Inclusive can be purchased up to the time that the first service is due.

BMW Service Inclusive is only available from a BMW Service Authorised Workshop.

BMW Service Authorised Workshops can fit a range of Genuine BMW Accessories which come with a two year warranty

Genuine BMW Accessories combine original thinking and stylish design with a high degree of practicality. The extensive range of interior and exterior accessories allow you to personalise the look and feel of your BMW to your own personal style.

Every Genuine BMW Accessory product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure both design and materials meet our high standards, offering outstanding performance, distinctive elegance and maximum convenience. All accessories are matched exactly to the specification of your BMW and carry a Two Year Warranty.

Genuine BMW Accessories are only available from BMW Service Authorised Workshops.

BMW Service Authorised Workshops can fit a range of Genuine BMW Accessories which come with a two year warranty

A repair using genuine BMW parts by a BMW authorised workshop offers a BMW fitted parts warranty for 24 months without mileage limit from the moment of installation. This 24 month unlimited mileage warranty covers parts and labour , should the worst happen, and a part fails because it was fitted incorrectly, or as a failure of the part itself, any repair work will be carried out under this BMW fitted part warranty.


All BMW drivers, regardless of the age or model of their car, benefit from complimentary BMW Accident Recovery. So, if you're in an accident, and your car can't be driven, simply call the free-phone number below and we'll come and take you to your nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop, regardless of whether it's your fault or not. Here one of our highly trained technicians will assess the level of damage and, with your consent, can have your BMW repaired and back on the road in no time. Most insurers allow you to specify where your BMW is repaired, even if they run an approved repairer scheme. By using a BMW Approved Bodyshop you can rest assured that your car will be returned to you in pristine condition, using only Genuine BMW Parts and approved repair methods. Ask your BMW Centre for more information.

BMW Accident Recovery
1800 409 900

If you are in an accident, remember:

  • Turn on your hazard lights and set up the warning triangle
  • Make sure you are as visible as possible
  • Call 1800 409 900 and give your details to our team
  • Exchange details with third parties
  • Try not to worry. As long as you are OK, we'll make sure your BMW is too


BMW Accident Recovery Service has been designed to provide assistance in the event of your vehicle being involved in an accident.
This service applies to all BMW owners, irrespective of the age of the vehicle.

As part of the service we will:

  • Recover your vehicle to the nearest BMW Approved Repairer which is closest to the scene of the incident (or to the nearest BMW Approved Repairer to your home address).
  • If the assistance falls outside of normal business hours then the vehicle will be taken to a safe place of storage and delivered to the BMW Approved Repairer the following working day.
  • In the event that the use of specialist equipment is required to recover the vehicle, including but not limited to, when it has left the highway, is in a ditch, is standing on soft ground, sand, shingle, stuck in water or snow or has been immobilised by removal of its wheels, we will arrange recovery but you will be responsible for the cost of the specialist equipment. These costs may be refundable under the terms and conditions of your motor insurance policy.
  • BMW Group Ireland will take responsibility for the vehicle during the recovery process, however, once the vehicle has been signed for and is in the care of the BMW Approved Repairer, that entity will become responsible for the vehicle and the repair thereafter.

As with any service of this nature, there are exclusions:

  • No cover is provided outside of the Republic Of Ireland.
  • No recovery to a location outside of the BMW Approved Repairer network.
  • No other benefits apply, however, if your vehicle currently benefits from BMW Emergency Service, then normal benefits will apply.
  • Any loss of profit, goodwill or contracts, and any indirect, economic and/or consequential losses arising directly or indirectly from the incident.
  • This offer does not apply if the incident has arisen as a result of your participation in a criminal act or offence.
  • This offer does not apply as a result of your being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, solvent abuse or drugs.

By using this service you agree to the terms and conditions of this offer and agree to the use of your personal details within the BMW Group, authorised agents and the BMW Approved Repairer network for purposes of the repair of your vehicle.


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